Sunday, January 24, 2016

Your Radiation This Week No 40 January 23, 2016

By Bob Nichols, Veterans Today

*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

All Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous. 

The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last. Still, all reporting cities are above normal. These are the American cities that exceeded 1,000 CPM this week.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

1,556CPM,311.2Times Normal,Miami, FL.Beta, Gamma.
1,476CPM,295.6Times Normal,Colorado Springs, CO.Beta, Gamma.
1,436CPM,287.2Times Normal,Kansas City, KS.MIA Last High
1,426CPM,285.2Times Normal,Little Rock, AR.Beta, Gamma.
1,373CPM,272.6Times Normal,Raleigh, NC.Beta, Gamma.
1,278CPM,255.6Times Normal,Lubbock TX.MIA, 5 Yr High
1,265CPM,253Times Normal,Spokane, WA.Beta, Gamma.
1,133CPM,226.6Times Normal,San Diego, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,124CPM,224.8Times Normal,Portland, ME.Beta, Gamma.
1,117CPM,223.4Times Normal,Atlanta, GA.Beta, Gamma.
1,107CPM,221.4Times Normal,Tallahassee, FL.Beta, Gamma.
1,104CPM,220.8Times Normal,Pittsburgh, PA,Beta, Gamma.
1,101CPM,220.8Times Normal,Shreveport, LA.Beta, Gamma.
1,100CPM,220Times Normal,Laredo, TX.Beta, Gamma.
1,100CPM,220Times Normal,Rapid City, SD.Beta, Gamma.
1,096CPM,219.2Times Normal,Lexington, KY.Beta, Gamma.
1,066CPM,213.2Times Normal,Riverside, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,060CPM,212Times Normal,Idaho Falls, ID.Beta, Gamma.
1,043CPM,208.6Times Normal,Anaheim, CA.Beta, Gamma.
1,042CPM,208.4Times Normal,El Paso, TX.Beta, Gamma.
1,029CPM,205.8Times Normal,Hartford, CT.Beta, Gamma.
1,028CPM,205.6Times Normal,Mason City, IA.Beta, Gamma.
1,019CPM,203.8Times Normal,Denver, CO.Beta, Gamma.
1,014CPM,202.8Times Normal,Boston, MA.Beta, Gamma.
386CPM,77.2Times Normal,Washington, DC. HighTampered with.
72CPM,14.4Times Normal,Washington, DC. LowTampered with.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

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